Rapture /rap-chur/ n. extreme happiness and delight in something

Why I do what I do. . .

Beautiful music brings peace and joy to our lives. Playing music gives one a way of expression and a sense of accomplishment. It is self-fulfilling and a strategy for releasing tension from the stresses of life. Through music one may experience and share the entire spectrum of emotion, thought, and creativity. It is also a way to continue to challenge oneself.

For old and young alike, playing the piano opens up a new field of learning and a whole new world of discovery. It develops talents and helps to bring a well-rounded balance in life. Music is a companion for all of ones life, where ever one may be. It becomes a very rewarding journey for individuals and all who cross their path.

Children who learn to play the piano have a great advantage, not only while they are young, but for the rest of their life. There is a long list of important skills that are taught through music lessons. Communication skills with adults begin to be developed immediately. Each student learns to set goals and work hard to reach those goals. They learn discipline and self-motivation by daily practice. Music stirs the creative processes of the mind. Listening skills and also appreciation of good music are gained. They discover the joy found in great accomplishments as the result of the time and effort they put forth.

A piano teacher is in need of many of the same qualities one would desire to have in any friend; for a friend the piano teacher must be: a friend who is patient and kind, understanding and willing to listen, happy and positive, and deserving of the students’ confidence and trust. Beyond this, the teacher should be observant to help the student progress; enthusiastic because it is contagious; knowledgeable on the subject and continuing to further that knowledge; organized to keep things running smoothly; and creative to bring excitement and anticipation for the next lesson.

As a piano teacher I want to share the immeasurable love and gift I have received through music in my life. I want this music to continue to live so that the next generation and the next will have this experience available to them. The feeling is indescribable that I feel when I see the joy, the excitement, and the smiles on the faces of the children when they play the piano. Simply put: I love music and I love teaching music.